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Rydw i wedi bod yn gweithio gyda Hub Cymru Africa er mwyn lansio ei bodlediad, tra’n datblygu sgiliau cynllunio a chynhyrchu’r tîm. Mae’r prosiect wedi cynnwys cyngor, hyfforddiant, cymorth technegol a golygu sain.

Y Brîff

Logo Hub Cymru Affrica.

Mae Hub Cymru Africa yn bartneriaeth sy’n cefnogi cymuned Cymru ac Affrica, gan ddwyn ynghyd waith Rhwydwaith Cysylltiadau Iechyd Cymru ac Affrica, Panel Cynghori Is-Sahara a Chymru Masnach Deg.

Roedd y sefydliad yn chwilio am gefnogaeth i lansio podlediad yn y tymor byr, tra’n datblygu sgiliau podledu’r tîm ar gyfer prosiectau’r dyfodol.

Yr her oedd sicrhau’r cydbwysedd cywir rhwng cyngor, hyfforddiant a chefnogaeth.

Y Prosiect

Gweithiais i gyda’r tîm i ddatblygu pecyn o wasanaethau er mwyn ymateb i’r brîff. Roedd hyn yn cynnwys:

  • Gweithdy staff, hyfforddiant ‘cyflwyniad i bodledu’, ac ymarferion i greu gweledigaeth ar gyfer eu podlediad nhw
  • Adroddiad gyda argymhellion, oedd yn cynnwys amcanion, amserlen, rôlau staff ac adnoddau
  • Hyfforddiant ymarferol i staff am sut i gynllunio, sgriptio, sefydlu a recordio podlediad, a sut i weithio gyda golygydd er mwyn rhoi pennod at ei gilydd
  • Cefnogi staff i gydosod offer
  • Pennod cyntaf: cyngor ar gynllunio, cydlynu recordio a golygu sain


Erbyn hyn, mae’r tîm wedi datblygu’r sgiliau ac adnoddau i gynllunio a chynhyrchu podlediadau, gyda chefnogaeth golygydd sain. Mae Hub Cymru Africa wedi lansio ei bodlediad ar blatfform Podbean.

Diweddariad Mai 2022: Rwyf bellach wedi golygu sain ar gyfer 3 pennod o bodlediad HCA – gwrandewch isod!


“Richard gave us team training on how to develop our podcast concept, followed by one to one support on creating and producing the podcasts. His knowledge and creativity is excellent, but his personal approach and hands on support is what has really made the difference for us; making the process as stress free and seamless as possible. Giving us a product we are really happy with.”

Cath Moulogo – Hub Cymru Africa

Vaughan Gething MS | Hub Cymru Africa Podcast | Episode 9 Hub Cymru Africa Podcast

Cath Moulogo is joined by Wahura Kabutha, the Communications Officer at the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel, a partner organisation of Hub Cymru Africa's. In this episode, Wahura interviews Vaughan Gething MS, Minister for Economy in the Welsh Government and Labour & Co-operative Member of the Senedd for Cardiff South and Penarth. They discuss his upbringing, his work in politics and the skills needed to be a Minister, which were tested to the full during the Covid-19 Pandemic when he became a familiar face and voice in Wales as Minister for Health and Social Services. Vaughan Gething MS Vaughan was born in Zambia and brought up in Dorset. He was educated at Aberystwyth and Cardiff universities.  He has one son with his wife,  Michelle and is a largely retired cricketer who is also  a fan of both rugby and football. Vaughan was a solicitor and former partner at Thompsons. He is a member of the GMB, UNISON and Unite unions, and was the youngest ever President of the Wales TUC. He has previously served as a county councillor, school governor and community service volunteer – supporting and caring for a student with cerebral palsy. Vaughan is also a former president of NUS Wales. Between 1999 and 2001, Vaughan worked as a researcher to former AMs Val Feld and Lorraine Barrett and between 2001 and 2003, was the chair of Right to Vote – a cross-party project to encourage greater participation from black minority ethnic communities in Welsh public life. He is also a current member of the Co-operative Party. Vaughan has held the following roles in government, before taking up his current role as Minister for the Economy in May 2021: Cabinet Secretary/Minister for Health and Social Services May 2016 to May 2021 Deputy Minister for Health September 2014 to May 2016 Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty June 2013 to September 2014   Wahura Kabutha Wahura is a PhD  researcher at Cardiff university specialising in consumer behaviour and digital marketing. She has experience in an array of industries such as entertainment, charities and sales. She is passionate about empowering minority communities. Wahura manages the communication channels for Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel and maximises the visibility of campaigns and projects. Her hobbies include travelling, meditating and creating content.   This is part of the Hub Cymru Africa podcast series that are being recorded with support from the Welsh Government and the FCDO Small Charities Challenge Fund. Hub Cymru Africa: Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel: SSAP Youth Leadership Network:
  1. Vaughan Gething MS | Hub Cymru Africa Podcast | Episode 9
  2. Reframing the Narrative | Hub Cymru Africa Podcast | Episode 8
  3. SSAP Youth Leadership Network | Solidari-Tea Podcast | Episode 7
  4. Fair Trade Wales | Solidari-Tea Podcast | Episode 6
  5. Wales — A Caring Nation? | Solidari-Tea Podcast | Episode 5

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